Return Policy for seller "Sambridal"
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Return Policy:

Since we are making custom clothes, not stock clothes, our return and exchange policy is very strict, as we cannot resell returned clothes to other buyers

1.Your satisfaction is the most important to us. When your package arrives, we encourage you to check and make sure the clothes, if there are any problems, please contact us within 24 hours, after 24 hours, we do not accept any responsibility, all the responsibility of the buyer

2.Since each piece of clothing is customized according to the requirements of each buyer, we cannot sell the clothes again. Therefore, we do not accept any unreasonable demand from buyers for return and refund (for example, the clothes are not what they want, the clothes do not fit them, the buyers themselves provided the wrong size, The buyer provided the wrong address, etc.) Therefore, before placing an order, each buyer should confirm 100% that the clothes they want, otherwise, please do not place an order. If the buyer places an order, the seller will make the clothes according to the buyer's size and deliver them to the buyer, then we do not accept the return and refund, and the buyer shall bear the losses caused by it.

3. If clothes damage due to the seller (must attach photos or other clearly showed that there was a problem with the items received evidence), or the seller send the wrong goods or send the wrong address, in the process of shipping damage(you must first obtained from your delivery carrier "damage proof" file), so you can choose to return. The return freight shall be borne by the buyer. We will confirm after receiving the clothes no problem within 3 days after the money back to your account (please note: please make sure that clothes is brand new condition, not worn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, no thread ends and hair, no perfume, we have special equipment to test, if the dress does not conform to the requirements, we will return the clothes to the buyer, the buyer bear the freight, We will not refund money, please do not doubt our testing ability), or you can choose to keep the clothing. We will refund part of the money to you as compensation (refund 20% of the total price), other unreasonable demands and reasons, we will not accept the refund

4. If the parcel is sent to the wrong place or lost due to the reason of the express company, we will not accept the return or refund, we will help the buyer to claim compensation from the express company

5.The seller is not liable if the refund is caused by the buyer. After a third party steps in and demands a refund, The seller will charge 50% of the total price (purchase price + full shipping) + 15% commission charged by Storenvy + $4.99 handling fee and the remaining funds will be refunded to the buyer. (Please note: since the clothes are tailored to each buyer, they cannot be resold. All the clothes are hand-sewn by tailors, so production costs are high. For refunds, we need to charge 50% of the total price (purchase price + full shipping) to cover the cost of materials, labor and delivery.Storenvy's 15% commission and $4.99 handling fee are non-refundable and need to be deducted)